This makes no sense to me.

In public people keep their distance and almost never talk to me unless they have to b/c i’m perceived as a creeper/angry. 

However, at all the places i’ve worked everyone is very lenient with me. I don’t suck up, i just do my job, right? If i make a mistake their just like it’s ok buddy but if someone else screws up they get penalized. 

Why is it that in the work place people are so nice to me when i don’t deserve it? I honestly would’ve fired myself for what i did the other day if i was a manager. Why are they so much harder on everyone else? Why do strangers feel like they need to have a cell and weapon ready when near me in public? I have totally opposite effects on strangers and cowrokers/managers. What the actual f*** is going on here? I feel i shouldn’t be treated as a ticking time bomb in public or get special treatment in the work place. 

People, why you no treat me equal???

I’m honestly starting to think my level of intelligence is a lot higher than most people i encounter.

Nobody understands me and i’m just like are you stupid? I am not speaking in fragments nor a foreign language. What don’t people get? I am speaking plain english; how can you not grasp my words? This is oh so annoying. -.-



Dragons aren’t feminine or masculine, they are raw power and ferocity. 

The 2 characters i invested my time in are Jin & Yoshimitsu. I learned a bunch of combos and move sets. Then they go and change Jin’s fighting style come Tekken 4, the bastards.
Some of this christmas music doesn’t even make sense, 12th day of christmas? This isn’t camp, there’s only 1 day of christmas.

On the 2nd day of christmas my true love gave to me NOTHING b/c christmas is only ONE day!

So i gain followers when i’m gone for a few months and lose them when i return??? Should be the other way around.



To summarize it, Allkpop is basically getting sued by many Korean Media outlet for 2000 cases of illegally using their content and are claiming each case comes out to be $600 per article, which adds up to about $1.2 million.

Here are some comments I found to be interesting…

So i go to subway at walmart and the guy making my sandwich is like do you work here? I was like no. He said oh cause i’ve seen you.

I didn’t know peasants recognized me: a fellow peasant. Maybe it’s my crazy hair and or stache???

Ok, i came across 2 different doctor who series on netflix. So let me get this straight, this show started back in 1963 & was so successful that it’s still going today?

Anything helps. 

I don’t get the obsession with Tim Burton movies, seriously.

Nightmare before christmas was strange and scared me as a kid as did Edward scissorhands. Corpse bride was dull. Sweeney Todd storyline sucked. Dark Shadows was lame. Alice in wonderland was actually alright. He’s successful, good for him. That’s awesome, i just don’t know why ppl love these movies when i find them very unappealing.