Aw Yea


Pretty much says it all.

Pretty much says it all.

Memo to self, add 2 debris dragon to new deck.
Memo to Self: See Advisor Monday
Fact: I dislike highlighters and don’t use them.
If this post gets over 2,000 Notes i’ll do a Digimon Merch Giveaway.



No rules but you obviously have to be on my radar to even have a chance to win, i.e. likes and or reblogs and in all fairness RNG. 

Memo to self

Skylanders Need

  • Metallic Cynder $300-$400(Obtain last)
  • Polar Whirlwind $25
Memo to self

HW 8 due Wed the 20th

HW 10 due Wed 6th (Yeah, cause that makes perfect sense)

Test 1 Friday March 8

  • Lecture 1-14
  • Homework 1-7
  • Chapter 1-4
  • Closed notes/book
  • Calculators
  • Class Notes form Fall 2012 for reference 
Dearest Sensei

Idk what happened but it will be okay. 

Officially at 2700