Pretty much says it all.

Pretty much says it all.

Memo to self, add 2 debris dragon to new deck.
Memo to Self: See Advisor Monday
Fact: I dislike highlighters and don’t use them.
If this post gets over 2,000 Notes i’ll do a Digimon Merch Giveaway.



No rules but you obviously have to be on my radar to even have a chance to win, i.e. likes and or reblogs and in all fairness RNG. 

Memo to self

Skylanders Need

  • Metallic Cynder $300-$400(Obtain last)
  • Polar Whirlwind $25
Memo to self

HW 8 due Wed the 20th

HW 10 due Wed 6th (Yeah, cause that makes perfect sense)

Test 1 Friday March 8

  • Lecture 1-14
  • Homework 1-7
  • Chapter 1-4
  • Closed notes/book
  • Calculators
  • Class Notes form Fall 2012 for reference 
Dearest Sensei

Idk what happened but it will be okay. 

Officially at 2700

Some girl that’s like, what? Twelve? Said my “impersonation” sucked. What do you guys think??? Honestly, i think i was pretty ok. Not the best but not bad.