I was really looking forward to a Ryuko cosplay and i just happened to see one. Also came across a really well done Dark Magician Girl. ^_^ I was pleasantly surprised to see a digimon group cosplay and on top of that this is the 1st Tai cosplay i have ever seen, whether online or in person, that didn’t have fail hair. The digimon pic came out really dark so i had to photoshop it. Sorry it’s so small compared to the rest, apparently 13MB is too large for tumblr so i took a screenshot. I was super excited to see Sylveon cosplayers and they had a group so why not take a pic of everyone???


I couldn’t find human form Moka anywhere at previous cons

Sylveon is the reason i got Gen VI 

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. If i hadn’t bought this shirt i would’ve regretted it. 

Vivillon event available now all over the world (i think) via in game wifi. Just got mine! ^^

Finally here
Ash Ketchum, more like Ash Releasum
Does anyone have a female eevee with hyper voice for trade?
Guess who has 4 light balls, yo!

Can’t forget The fairy type. 

I see ppl on pokecenter showing off their boxes of shinies and i’m like that’s cute. ~looks at the 500+ i have~

I see forums and videos of people saying you want the super repel b/c it’s cheaper. First off, don’t lump everyone in with you, speak for yourself. I don’t care how much a max repel costs, it keeps pokemon away longer and therefore it’s worth every penny. Money is extremely easy to come by in XY as opposed to previous games. It’s not a problem and you can always get more quick. I always buy max repels because it keeps annoying pokemon away the longest, schway.