So, one time i was buying something from work and i happened to leave my debit card on the register near the machine right??? Well, literally like a month later i was just minding my business while working and this gorgeous coworker of mine asked if i ever got my card. At first i was confused and then it hit me. I had gotten it like 12 hours later day of and she was the cashier when it happened. That made my day because someone gorgeous had been thinking about me ^^ I was just like


I’m liking Red Velvet more and more.
P sure i shredded my abs today.
Haven’t danced in such a long time, feels really good.
Just lost b/c of muzudiaiasjh the string djinn, man f those guys. I just put in a 2nd fiendish and 2 breakthrough’s.

It’s official: Gagaga has reached the status of Mighty. It now rivals the strength of Chaos.

It was set to private, so i changed to public, enjoy. 

One time my mom and i were talking about stuff. She said she regretted waiting so long to go to college. So started in her early 40’s i believe. And i was like dude, that’s your fault. And i really don’t know how, she probably wasn’t paying attention, she thought i said the divorce was her fault. Uh, we were talking about you going to college. Where did that come from? That was the first time in my life where she ignored me. It went on for days. So i wrote an empty apology and slipped it under the door. I knew that she would read it and then start talking to me, then i would have a chance to clear this up. And that’s exactly what happened. I explained that i meant not going to college until she was middle-aged as entirely her fault and not the divorce. Kinda makes you realize that even the strongest bonds can be broken. Gotta watch what you say around loved ones, and be willing to explain yourself when things are misunderstood.
I owe ebay $52 and have $27 in my paypal, i should just leave it there so it’s less of a blow when they take it out at the end of the month.
I kinda wanna cosplay as dark breaker though, he’s so schway.