Got to spend some time with my niece the other day. We were playing monster with her mono’s. She’d growl and then i’d growl and she loved it haha

She’s so precious she’s barely 2 Oh my gyuri

When i told my coworker i was going blonde she said to get a trim to rid my hair of split ends and i was like sweetie, i don’t have split ends.
Can’t believe I waited so long, this is such good music.
It’s a miracle, i actually like an IU song.
Dream time with Ed

I made out with Yoona and it felt so goooood. That tongue was yummy.  

Other stuff happened like tornado, domestic violence, blah blah everybody dies but that’s not important. 

I guess I was stupid to think I could actually make friends in person. I have a tendency to scare people away wether I’m talking & smiling or silent & have my game face on. And ppl wonder why I don’t socialize often.
Fact: I’d date people in the age range of 18-34
I had 1 bias in BEG until right now

Narsha & Gain 

As a person whose been in a car accident i can say that it’s pretty scary. I honestly thought i was already dead and that i just couldn’t feel anything b/c of the adrenaline. I’m grateful that the other driver and i were both fine and didn’t need to be hospitalized.
I’ve made $245 in deals and i’ve received $95 so far. That plus my paycheck will be enough to cover all my bills, get started on my investments, and still have enough left over to get me through the week.