I love that my spellbook deck powns and it’s not even complete. All it’s missing is 2 towers and then 2 reckless greeds which work perfectly with this deck. Instead of drawing 2 you get 1.

Now that i hatched my shiny and it’s fully EV’d it’s time to level up and get a bomb move set.
I washed my blanket with socks and that was a bad idea. It had a loose thread which magically became 12 feet long and tied like half my socks together. I needed scissors to get it free b/c it was just too tangled, throwing that schwarbage out and rewashing.
I was showing my niece spirit fingers hahaha.
I really hate when people don’t listen to you when you say you need to be left alone. There is no underlying meaning, it’s not a test, i don’t need help. When i say leave me alone i mean just that. Don’t give me advice, keep your opinion to yourself and back off. If you don’t then the only thing you will do is piss me off. I’m not like some people that need someone to guide them every time something goes wrong. I require silence, from everyone, and myself. That is the best way you can help, by remaining silent. If ever i need advice i will ask, otherwise don’t give it.

Lemme know wutcha think of this deck 

Made a new deck, seems to hold it’s own. i’ll know soon enough.
I don’t support same sex marriage nor will i condone it but that doesn’t mean i’m going to petition against it. Did the bible ever say Jesus went around on a camel with his hands cupped yelling, “you’re all sinners, you’re going to hell, i won’t stop this protest until you turn from your wicked ways!”? No, he didn’t. There’s no sense in that and he knew it well. Therefore i won’t do that either. We will all be judged for our actions in the end so what do i care what someone else does? You shouldn’t worry about things you have no power over. You can’t control people so let them be. However, if someone asks me what i think about something i will let them know.
I have approximately $450 worth of card’s in my not for trade binder, $100 of which is just dark magician girl.
PS2 not reading discs??? Take it apart and fix it like a boss.